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QuickChek’s New Store Designed To Attract Millennials

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Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 04:51 pm

QuickChek’s new convenience store concept in Monroe, New Jersey, combines technology with dining. The nearly 5,500-s.f. store was designed with Millennials in mind.

The new store offers free Wi-Fi, indoor seating with charging stations and a menu highlighting fresh, clean ingredients.

“What QuickChek continues to work on is to redefine convenience,” said QuickChek CEO Dean Durling. “Our new design focuses on fresh and particularly fresh food… I think if you build a store that satisfies Millennials today, it’s aspirational for all of us.”

The new design features an open concept with earth tones, clean sightlines and wide aisles with food stations stocked with fresh-made grab-and-go items and baked goods, says the company. A standalone soup kiosk has a daily rotation of soups. The foodservice menu has six new chicken sandwiches and cold brew coffee. The new location also has self-checkout counters and mobile ordering.

QuickChek will be opening five more stores this year—four in New Jersey and one in New York—and each will feature the new design.

“Eventually we will take the best thoughts from this and bring it back to our existing stores,” Durling said

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