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The Fresh Market Puts HyVida Sparkling Water In 160 Stores


HyVida is now available in more than 160 The Fresh Market stores in 22 states.

The partnership with the Greensboro, North Carolina-based gourmet supermarket chain will increase HyVida’s distribution footprint.

“We are especially proud to partner with The Fresh Market,” said Rick Smith, president and CEO of HyVida. “The company focuses on providing customers quality, fresh, and local food with a warm inviting experience, which aligns with HyVida’s mission to deliver innovative, healthy beverages.”

Since launching on Amazon in May 2018, HyVida has expanded its distribution to hundreds of independent, specialty retailers across the country.

The company’s hydrogen-infused sparkling water is the first of its kind, with antioxidant properties, zero calories and no sweeteners, the company says. It is available in Pure, Raspberry, and Lemon Lime varieties.

“Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant, with as much vitamin C as an orange. HyVida contains all the health benefits, without the calories,” Smith says. “We infused hydrogen and magnesium to deliver a functional beverage with an extremely smooth, bubbly taste.”

Launched by medical technology entrepreneurs, HyVida’s headquarters and research facility are located in Muskegon, Michigan.

In partnership with Cascadia Managing Brands, HyVida is selling its RTD beverages in the natural, specialty and e-commerce sales channels. The company says hydrogen molecules give up their own electrons to free radicals which neutralize free radicals from attacking cells and human DNA.

In all, The Fresh Market currently operates more than 170 stores in 24 states.

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