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The Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup On Shelf At Walmart Nationwide

Foraging Fox

The Foraging Fox, a British condiment brand New York, launched its Beetroot Ketchup line nationwide at Walmart in May.

The company says it is the first to offer Beetroot Ketchup nationwide, capitalizing on trends in gourmet condiment innovation, plant-based nutrition and beets as an ingredient on the rise. The 100 percent natural and GMO-free ketchups come in 9-oz. glass bottles; they are sold for $6.98 at Walmart.

“Our Beetroot Ketchups have a vibrant, rich color and flavor to match,” said CEO and Co-Founder Desiree Parker. “With The Foraging Fox Ketchups, favorite recipes for burgers, fries, sandwiches and much more become fun new adventures, like tasting a favorite food again for the first time.”

The ketchups come in three flavors—Original, Hot and Smoked—each with more plant ingredients and less added sugar than a typical ketchup, according to the company. It has a bright purple hue that comes naturally from beets.

The Foraging Fox makes offers Beetroot Ketchups and flavored mayos. The brand began as an at-home kitchen project for Co-Founder Frankie Fox and her kids to explore ways of preserving the surplus of beetroot from their garden every summer. Family, friends and even food industry experts loved the recipe so much that in 2015, The Foraging Fox became a condiments brand now widely available across Europe and the U.S.

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