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Micro Lab Farms Opens R&D Center, Showroom, Sales Office In Tulsa

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Micro Lab Farms, the California-based provider of automated indoor micro-farms for rapid production of legal cannabis and other crops, has opened a new research and development center, showroom and sales center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The 2.5-acre facility will provide local support for farmers, business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest, and turnkey solutions to those seeking to enter rapidly growing cannabis and organic food markets.

In states such as Oklahoma, which have a relatively easy pathway to entry, Micro Lab Farms’ proprietary GrowPod platforms can allow almost anyone to become a licensed, legal grower of cannabis and participate in the fastest growing sector in America. 

Micro Lab Farms has licensed GrowPod technology from GP Solutions. GrowPods are finely tuned, automated, transportable and scalable micro farms that have been shown to grow cannabis and other crops at a faster rate than conventional means of agriculture. They allow cultivation to take place year-round, which maximizes ROI. The systems are sealed from outside pathogens, contaminants, pesticides and chemicals, and produce clean, robust crops. 

Micro Lab Farms’ new facility also will stock a full selection of GP Solutions proprietary soil mixtures, which contain no animal products. This is critical in the cannabis industry because many other soils and additives can contain harmful pathogens and bacteria that have the potential to contaminate crops and cause testing failures. 

The Micro Lab Farms R&D Complex will also host tours and information seminars on cannabis and organic farming.

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