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Recommended: Leevers Locavore In Denver Offers Unique Shopping Experience

Leevers Locavore, Denver

A new grocery store for Denver’s Highland and Sunnyside neighborhoods sells produce and meat, naturally, but also wine by the glass for customers to sip while they shop.

Leevers Locavore Northside opened on Thursday at 38th Avenue and Clay Street with a full grocery selection, plus three restaurants, a craft coffee, beer and wine bar and a local butcher shop.

The restaurants — more like stalls — sell pizza, sushi, sandwiches and charcuterie. The latter come from Culture Meat & Cheese, which is based at Denver Central Market.

From the substantial bar, customers can purchase drinks to sip on and store in shopping cart cup-holders while they browse. Before all of this starts to sound more like the next food hall experience than that of a supermarket, Leevers Locavore vice president Chris Franklin says not to worry.

Before opening, he and his team surveyed 1,200 community members to see what the neighborhood wanted in a grocery store. The resounding response: “Just a grocery store,” Franklin said.

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An observer of the grocery industry since 1988. Away from her editor job, she's a wife and mother of two grown sons and thinks cooking is (usually) relaxing.

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