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Mercatus, Point Pickup Partner To Offer Last-Mile Grocery Delivery

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Mercatus, a provider of digital commerce solutions for grocery and other retail verticals, has partnered with Point Pickup Technologies, a company offering a single platform that solves same-day delivery challenges for enterprises across various industries. This partnership provides a quick and cost-effective way for grocers to respond to increasing e-commerce and last-mile delivery market demand while maintaining direct customer relationships.

With shopper expectations for fast and seamless grocery delivery on the rise, retailers must transform their last-mile experience to meet these needs. Mercatus’ and Point Pickup’s joint same-day delivery enterprise solution uniquely addresses the last mile by using a network of pre-scheduled drivers who are trained for, and dedicated to, a specific retailer in order to fulfill store-to-home deliveries.

While the current gig economy is built on last-minute, random delivery scheduling, Point Pickup’s Micro DriverNetworks, enabled by its Precision Matching technology, creates a scalable and sustainable approach that supports repeatable drivers that match every type of delivery criterion. The integration with the Mercatus e-commerce platform offers retailers the most predictable and reliable store-to-home delivery solution. The combined capability enables retailers to build a profitable e-commerce offering while retaining ownership of the customer experience. Point Pickup says its Micro DriverNetworks are:

  • Agile – the solution works for any enterprise retailer;
  • Scalable  the model works across the diversified retail ecosystem, servicing all major and secondary markets, including suburban and rural areas where you don’t need the “most drivers,” you just need the “right” drivers;
  • Sustainable  replicates best practices across enterprises, which lowers capital needs;
  • Efficient – uses fewer drivers and achieves higher performance by pre-scheduling dedicated drivers for specific routes.

“By partnering with Mercatus, we are able to offer their grocery retail clients an easy way to displace the problematic gig economy with a more dependable model that works for all their markets,” said Tom Fiorita, CEO of Point Pickup. “It is the closest scenario to retailers owning their driver resources as local stores will see the same drivers on the same shifts on an on-going basis.”

The partnership gives grocers the opportunity to own their end-to-end shopping experience from point of sale to the delivery to the customer, which results in repeat customer purchases, greater loyalty and higher profits. Retailers are now in charge of their customer experience, no longer surrendering valuable data and shopper relationships to third-party delivery providers.

“Grocery retailers face a stark choice. Continue to outsource their e-commerce experience or take steps to reclaim ownership of their customers’ online shopping journey, including last-mile delivery,” said Sylvain Perrier, president and CEO of Mercatus. “Together with Point Pickup, we’re empowering retailers to build their e-commerce experience on their own terms to better serve their shoppers’ delivery needs. We’re excited for what this partnership will mean for grocers who want to offer a retailer-controlled experience.”

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