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Heinz To Air Four Ads At Once During The Big Game

Heinz ads

Heinz will bring to life four ads at once for the big game. With so much happening in just 30 seconds, Heinz says viewers will want to watch the ad multiple times to spot all that’s packed into one spot.

“Heinz brings goodness to any and all situations, whether it’s at the local diner, on the dinner table, or at your big game viewing party,” said Dalia Adler, brand building lead for Heinz. “That’s why we couldn’t pick just one to feature on football’s biggest stage. Fans should be ready to hit rewind.”

Heinz isn’t revealing all the details yet. For now, Heinz is encouraging people to watch during the second quarter’s fourth commercial break.

“The notion of using the big game to present a conceptual media art piece is very attractive to me,” said the director of the Heinz ad, Roman Coppola. “By telling four stories at once, this ad is unusual and I’m eager for people to experience it communally with family and friends during the big game. Then I hope that they will have fun re-watching to further discover the multiple stories …”

Consumers can get the first look at Heinz’s ad in a cryptic 15-second clip that launched Jan. 23.

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