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Bon Appétit Writer Declares Love For H-E-B Flour Tortillas

H-E-B tortillas

A Bon Appétit writer expressed her love for H-E-B flour tortillas in a recent article, calling them a “state treasure.”

In the article, Alice Beggs praises H-E-B’s flour tortillas made in store, calling them “the best supermarket-brand tortilla out there, easy.”

To get the tortillas the way abuela use to make them, the retailer has tortilla machines in nearly all its stores where it makes five flavors. Just like homemade ones, H-E-B tortillas made in store have their little quirks. Some are “lumpy, bumpy, not-quite-circular shape” or have an “edge that’s folded over.” But it’s the imperfection, the article states, that’s part of the “reason everyone loves it so much.”

Beggs gets nostalgic about growing up visiting H-E-B to buy the chewy flour tortillas. She definitely can relate, knowing that when a fresh, warm pack is purchased, the entire stack rarely ever makes it home. Now living in New York, it’s not often that she gets to satiate her appetite for H-E-B tortillas, but it doesn’t mean her fondness for them has dwindled.

“So the greatness, the mystique, the glory of the H-E-B flour tortilla has only grown in my memory the longer I’ve been away from Texas, in the way nostalgia can delude us,” she states in the article. “But the H-E-B flour tortilla is still the best supermarket-brand tortilla out there, easy. My love for them has not faded.”

Check out the full story here.

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