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Vallarta Supermarkets Replaces Legacy Software With Logile Solutions

Logile Inc. has completed the implementation of Logile Employee Scheduling, Time, Attendance and Benefit Accrual in Vallarta Supermarkets, which replaced its Legacy solutions in all 34 stores, two distribution centers and two corporate offices. 

Vallarta Supermarkets is one of the largest Latino-owned supermarket chains in California.

Employee Self-Service will roll out over the next couple months at all locations. With this implementation, Vallarta now uses Logile solutions for all its workforce management functions.

Vallarta previously engaged Dallas, Texas-based Logile for 5S and labor standard development consulting and implemented Logile’s Forecasting, Enterprise Labor Standards, Enterprise Labor Model, Staffing and Task Management software in 2018.

“We wanted to consolidate all workforce management to a single vendor, and Logile was our definitive choice. Our outstanding results with Logile’s forecasting and labor management solutions and positive experience of Logile as a partner have been extremely valuable in helping us realize our optimization and growth goals,” said Steve Netherton, CIO and VP of continuous improvement at Vallarta.

“Additionally, Logile’s long-standing commitment to innovation and unique business requirements reinforced our selection decision. Logile developed the Benefit Accrual engine we needed to generate the accrued benefit hours per Vallarta’s rules and the actual hours worked as defined by Logile’s Time and Attendance. The Logile solution also identifies and automatically applies the California Meal Break conditions based on defined rules, which we previously had to manually manage,” said Netherton. 

“We now benefit from a seamless, integrated experience where accurate forecasting, labor planning, scheduling, benefit requests and time and attendance interact within a single system. These synergies will strengthen our ability to control and understand labor costs, improve productivity and customer service, increase associate engagement, reduce turnover and maintain compliance with regulatory and corporate mandates,” he said.

“Vallarta is an operational powerhouse, and we could not be more honored to extend our relationship,” said Purna Mishra, Logile founder and CEO. 

“We welcome the opportunity to deliver even more value to this retail leader with our industry-best employee scheduling solution, employee self-service and time and attendance – especially in today’s environment where improving and preserving the associate experience rivals profitability as more important than ever. We are eager for Vallarta to realize the incremental benefits of using our comprehensive WFM system; the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts,” he said.

In addition to time and attendance and benefit accruals, Vallarta will leverage the enhanced functionality to schedule associates to forecasted demand while honoring employees’ availability. 

Vallarta can auto-schedule all departments and incorporate its scheduling policies into scheduling rules to achieve accurate schedule quality, without over- or under-scheduling. Employee Self-Service will enable associates to swap shifts, view schedules, change availability and receive important company communications from any mobile device.

For more information, visit logile.com.

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