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Snyder’s Of Hanover Releases New Pretzel Products

Snyder's of Hanover Poppers

Snyder’s of Hanover is launching two new products: Pretzel Poppers and Bowties.

Thin, dippable Snyder’s of Hanover Bowties answer the call for the growing trend of in-home entertainment, according to the Hanover, Pennsylvania-based company. This flat, baked and better-for-you snack is available in three flavors: Original, Everything and Parmesan Garlic. The product has 110 calories and 2g of fat per serving.Snyder's of Hanover Bowties

Also new to the Snyder’s of Hanover assortment are Pretzel Poppers. These airy and crunchy pretzel shells are available in three flavors: Original, Cinnamon Sugar and Three Cheese. Original Poppers will retail for $3.49 for a 12-oz. bag; Cinnamon Sugar Poppers and Three Cheese Poppers will each retail for $3.49 for a 10-oz. bag.

“At Snyder’s of Hanover, we are determined to keep expanding consumers’ definitions of what a pretzel can be,” said Faith Atwood, marketing manager for Snyder’s-Lance Inc. “New Pretzel Poppers and Bowties offer the distinctive taste and crunch that consumers have come to expect from a Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel, but with an unexpected twist that makes them an irresistible snack.”

The new pretzel creations will be available in grocery stores and mass merchandisers nationwide this month.

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A former newspaper editor and publisher, she once enjoyed leisurely perusing the grocery store aisles but, since having a baby in 2016, she is now an enthusiastic click-and-collect shopper.


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  • Who is that cool woman in the commercials where she states, “it’s pretzels, baby.” Cracks me up every time. Love her attitude and admirable strength, I do not doubt her…….

  • Who stars in the commercial for the Snyder pretzels ? She says ” pretzels baby ” and she is kind of creepy but EXCELLENT in her role !

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