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Weber Debuts ‘New And Improved’ BBQ Sauces

New and Improved Weber BBQ Sauces Introduced For summer grilling season.

ACH Foods has launched a “new and improved” line of Weber Seasonings BBQ sauces, including a “Sweet & Thick” Original variety. Created specifically for the grill, ACH said the reformulated sauces now offer the thick “sticks to my food” consistency that recent research has shown consumers want. Now on shelves, the improved Weber BBQ sauces continue to remain free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

“Our new ‘thick’ formula is designed to allow the flavor to linger longer, creating a more satisfying experience compared to the quick hit that other brands offer,” said Terrence O’Donnell, senior brand manager for Weber Sauces & Seasonings. “We package our sauces in glass bottles so that we can fill them while the product is still hot to provide our consumers with a fresh, high quality flavor for their food—without preservatives.”

The line reintroduces four core flavors of Weber BBQ sauces—Original, Honey, Hickory and Sweet ‘N Spicy—as well as an entirely new Applewood Brown Sugar option; SRP $3.49.

Weber also is introducing a variety of Weber Seasonings, including a new line of rubs in Chili Lime, Honey Garlic, Sriracha and Kansas City BBQ flavors; SRP $4.89.

ACH Food Cos. Inc. markets a broad range of edible oils, spices and specialty grocery products in the retail consumer and food service channels.

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