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Santa And His Elves Pitch In To Promote Pure Flavor’s Mini Munchies

Mini Munchies
Photo Credit: Pure Flavor® © 2019.

Kids of all ages are making their Christmas lists for the holidays but one item that Santa Claus keeps seeing on these lists comes from Pure Flavor: Mini Munchies.

Mini Munchies
Photo Credit: Pure Flavor® © 2019.

“This holiday season, something magical happened, even more magical than usual. At the North Pole, we were getting letters from kids but something was different. Instead of the remote-control cars, video games or super doll, it was all about the Mini Munchies,” said Bernard, head elf, The North Pole. With only a few more shopping days until Christmas, the elves are frantically putting the finishing touches on the items to be delivered. “Santa said he wants a couple of packs on the sleigh; he says they are the perfect on-the-go snack,” said Bernard.

The Mini Munchies Program is snack-sized veggie program that combines snacking products from Pure Flavor in two different formats: (1) Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers and Poco Bites Cocktail Cucumbers, all packed in a 4-oz. themed bag, and (2) the new Mini Munchies Tomato Snack Pack that comes in a 12-oz., four-chamber breakaway pack that is being launched this winter.

“When the phone rang and my call display said ‘The North Pole,’ I thought it was a prank to be honest, but when I picked up and Bernard told me who he was and said he needed our help, we just couldn’t say no,” said Chris Veillon, chief marketing officer. “The timelines were tight and very specific so we had to act fast. It’s not every day that you get that last-minute call from Santa’s Workshop so our team was up for the challenge,” said Veillon.

The team at Pure Flavor was equally surprised to see Bernard and his team scurrying around the greenhouse and distribution center during their brief stop in Leamington, Ontario.

Mini Munchies
Photo Credit: Pure Flavor® © 2019.

See the video here:

“This is a great opportunity to get fresh snacks in to the hands of kids all over North America (and the world!); we appreciate the help from Bernard and his team to get this to Santa’s sleigh. We gave the elves both types of Mini Munchie packs to make sure they had the variety they needed,” said Veillon.

The story of how Bernard and the rest of Santa’s elves came to Pure Flavor in search of Mini Munchies is sure to be a new Christmas classic.

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Pure Flavor is a family of greenhouse vegetable growers from farms strategically located throughout North America.

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