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Sun-Maid Rolls Out New Logo And Package Design

Sun-Maid new package

Sun-Maid has changed its packaging to reflect what it believes modern shoppers are seeking—simplicity and transparency. Updated packaging for Sun-Maid snacks is on shelves now. Products with the refreshed design will continue to appear nationwide through 2020.  Sun Maid variety

Founded in 1912, Sun-Maid Growers of California is a farmers’ cooperative of 750 grower families with vineyards in California’s Central Valley. While its iconography has been one of the most recognizable brand visuals for more than 100 years, the company said today’s consumer has changed. 

The modernized logo and packaging graphics were designed to appeal to the brand’s Millennial audience, while keeping the nostalgia of the classic look intact. Carefully curated with the help of consumer feedback, the package makeover includes illuminated modifications to the sunrays and a refashioned image of the Sun-Maid girl. Consumer insights guided the brand to maintain existing design with minor updates to the sun. Shoppers expressed the importance of the brand preserving its identity and warm nostalgic feel while appealing to its Millennial target.

Along with the design update, the brand also introduced new packaging graphics with a modernized font. Consumers will see callouts including “0g of added sugar” and “made with whole fruit,” along with the Non-GMO Project verification on the front.

“The redesign was a delicate balance between updating a package that hadn’t been touched since the 1970s, and not disrupting the recognition and awareness we have with this loved brand,” said Harry Overly, president and CEO. “The beloved Sun-Maid Girl and logo debuted over a century ago and gives the brand the trusted and timeless identity it enjoys today. The reintroduction maintains our icon and adds fresh aesthetics and important information about our better-for-you snacks to our package, which today’s shopper demands.”

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