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Good Foods Launches Dairy Dip Rebrand With New Addition

Good Foods dairy dip

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin-based Good Foods has rolled out a rebrand of its dairy dip line in stores across the nation. The new packaging follows the lead of the refreshed guacamole line and plant-based dips with a new illustrative design.

Good Foods’ dairy dip line consists of three flavors: Feta Cucumber, Creamy Ranch and the newest addition to the line, Spinach Artichoke Parmesan, which is now available for purchase. Good Foods Launches Dairy Dip Rebrand With New Addition Good Foods Launches Dairy Dip Rebrand With New Addition

The Spinach Artichoke Parmesan dip is used as an appetizer or in recipes like stuffed chicken and scalloped potatoes. Made in the cheese state, the parmesan cheese within this dip is sourced from third-generation Wisconsin cheesemakers. This product recently has received interest from publications like Food & Wine, Food Network and Good Housekeeping.

“Adding an additional dip to our dairy line and refreshing the packaging to be more on trend and cohesive with our brand has been no small task,” said Danyel O’Connor, EVP of sales and marketing. “Through our work with an outside agency, focus groups and surveys, we knew this transition was the right move for our brand, and we’re so excited to complete the design refresh of all our dips.”

Good Foods made the decision to switch from photography-focused packaging to a more illustration-focused design as research revealed consumers found that to be more reflective of the fresh and natural product. After months of updating the brand’s packaging, the plant-based dips, guacamole line and dairy dips all have the same illustrative design to increase brand cohesion.

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