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Meijer Teacher Discount Now Includes Office Furniture, Kids’ Clothing


Following a busy year of blending virtual and in-classroom learning, teachers are getting additional discounts from Meijer as they tackle back-to-school shopping lists for this fall’s return to classes. The Midwestern retailer is adding office furniture and kids’ apparel to the more than 1,500 items now included in its annual 15 percent off discount.

Offered to teachers through its 257 Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky, the discount provides savings on classroom essentials like paper, pencils, folders and notebooks. It also addresses the issue of teachers spending their own money on supplies throughout the year to restock classrooms. 

Additionally, Meijer is focused on helping teachers save money on their own needs, as well as the needs of their families. Expanding the discount to add key items like desks, bookshelves, frames, lamps and kids’ clothing allows teachers some extra savings as they plan their personal supply needs, maintain remote workspaces in their homes and prepare their own families for the first day of school.

“Teachers proved to be heroes as they adapted lesson plans and extended the classroom into their homes during the pandemic,” said May Graceffa, director of back-to-school merchandising for Meijer. “The upcoming school year may require flexibility, so finding a way to further reduce stress on their pocketbooks as they consider their own homes and families for the first day of classes led us to expand the offerings covered by this year’s discount.”

The average teacher spent approximately $745 on supplies, according to AdoptAClassroom.org, but only had a $212 classroom budget for the entire 2019-20 school year.

Graceffa said the notable additions of office furniture and organization are sure to be popular this summer but adds that cleaning supplies are also expected to stay top of mind. The 15 percent discount also includes all-purpose cleaners, disinfecting sprays, hand sanitizer, hand tissues and baby wipes, which will help teachers add sanitizers to their restocking efforts as preparation is expected to ramp up in early August. 

The teacher discount also stacks with the retailer’s mPerks Rewards program on more than 300 items that will receive additional price drops leading up to the first day of class.   

Teachers can get the discount – in the form of a paper coupon – by presenting a current school ID at their local Meijer Customer Service desk. They are also able to take advantage of the coupon repeatedly by obtaining a new one any time they return to Meijer throughout the back-to-school shopping season so they can complete their shopping lists when it is most convenient.

“There is already a lot of excitement for getting back to class, so we want to do our part in helping teachers across the Midwest,” Graceffa said. “Returning to school always holds special meaning, but thanks to local teachers this back-to-school season will represent even more as our communities take another step toward normalcy.” 

For more information, visit the Meijer Back-to-School website

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