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Standard AI Launches Autonomous Checkout At Arizona Circle K


Standard AI has worked with Circle K to open its AI-powered checkout-free experience in a retrofitted store in Arizona. The frictionless checkout system allows shoppers to skip the checkout line and delivers accurate receipts in minutes.

Using AI-powered cameras mounted at strategic locations throughout the store, the system accurately identifies the products shoppers pick up and automatically records the purchases on the Circle K mobile app – eliminating time spent at traditional checkout areas. Standard AI Launches Autonomous Checkout At Arizona Circle K

Standard AI worked with Circle K to retrofit an existing location in Tempe, Arizona, without ceasing store operations or altering its layout. The company was able to integrate fully with the Circle K store’s retail operations, including inventory management systems and visual merchandising.

“We are excited to partner with Circle K to open the first of a series of autonomous checkout experiences in Arizona that truly enhance the customer experience,” said Jordan Fisher, CEO and co-founder of Standard AI. “This is a groundbreaking moment for our company and its mission to shape the way people shop for years to come.”

Bringing a fully frictionless experience to several existing stores in Arizona is the next step by Circle K’s parent company, Alimentation Couche-Tard, in its effort to leverage cutting-edge technology to improve the customer experience. In addition, the new autonomous checkout system enables the company to devote more time to customer service and store management.

Since Standard AI’s platform is designed to work without ever using facial recognition, customer privacy is respected and protected.

“At Circle K, we are committed to using innovation to improve the customer experience,” said Magnus Tägtström, head of global digital innovation at Couche-Tard. “We are excited about using autonomous systems to support our in-store team members and deliver a better customer experience for shoppers.” 

To see a Standard AI store in action, watch this YouTube video.

For more information on Standard AI and its autonomous checkout platform, visit standard.ai.

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