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Sales Of Gold Potatoes Continue To Increase

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MountainKing’s family of yellow-flesh potatoes: Butter Russets, Butter Golds and Butter Reds

New data shows volume sales of fresh gold potatoes outpacing sales of reds, russets and whites. This news comes as growers continue to provide a promising outlook for the harvest of their yellow-flesh varieties.

Volume sales (in terms of pounds) of fresh gold potatoes increased 3.3 percent during the 52-week period ending Oct. 23, according to the research firm ISI. During the same time period, volume sales of reds dropped 2.7 percent, russets fell 9.3 percent and whites plummeted 15.5 percent.

“Those figures pretty well line up with what we’re hearing from produce managers with our grocer partners,” said Andreas Trettin, director of marketing for Houston, Texas-based MountainKing, one of North America’s largest producers of gold potatoes. 

Trettin adds the smooth and creamy golds require fewer ingredients and toppings, a big selling point with younger, more health-conscious shoppers.

“Shoppers tell the story – golds are simply a better-tasting alternative to regular russets and reds,” he said. “We’re certainly expecting even bigger numbers during the upcoming holiday season.”

As for MountainKing’s most recent harvest of golds, Trettin described it as consisting of “great sizing and quality.”

MountainKing’s family of fresh-bagged golds includes its popular Butter Golds, featuring the smooth, golden-yellow Satina variety packaged in 3-lb., 5-lb., 10-lb. and 15-lb. bags. Its Butter Russets are available in 5-lb. bags, 10-lb. poly bags and for the first time in four-pack trays, while the company’s Butter Reds, ideal for boiling, steaming and grilling, are available in 3-lb. bags, 5-lb. bags and 10-lb. poly bags.  

As always, the company offers retailers large, eye-catching display bins in half and full sizes, both designed to maximize selling opportunities and reduce re-stocking time. 

For more information about MountainKing’s gold potatoes, contact Trettin at 713-980-7472 or email at [email protected]

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